Face to FaceBook 2012: I was invited to take part in  Paul Guzzardo's workshop a hackerspace for mythmaking, part of the Ulster Festival of Art and Design.  I decided to construct a work based on the 'Open Graph' and Facebook. Face to facebook, a street performance was born.

For a full recap of the workshop and events that took place out of it follow the link Hackerspace for Myth-Making: THE RECAP

A Hackerspace For Myth-Making. Hackerspace was a design workshop. It was directed by Paul Guzzardo of the Geddes Institute for Urban Studies, in partnership with PLACE and the Ulster Festival of Art and Design. Hackerspace ran from March 19-22, 2012 at PLACE. The workshop objective was: Generate “on the street prototypes” that intersect with web-based social media applications. The Workshop focused on FACEBOOK's “frictionless sharing applications”, and the impact those applications will have on the urban ecology (us and the city). Now What’s in that Cabinet: The budding Ipod content includes interviews, some street theater, and a remix stew. The interviews were of Facebook’s Director of Product Development Carl Sjogreen, and Vidar Brekke a technology brand strategist. Both men discussed the “open graph”. That’s Facebook’s architecture for "frictionless sharing". Simply put, the graph's morphology turns the internet from an index of pages into an index of people. The implications are profound. In search friendship (profound or not) University of Ulster artist Alice Burns assembled a trunk of props and set up shop on Fountain street. She then began toying with her crush of new FB friends. Paul Guzzardo april 12, 2012