I took part with the other students on Masters Art in Public, DemocraTEA.  DemocraTEA is a public interactive tea exchange, negotiating materials for an improvised and performative campaign embracing people’s concerns of today. DemocraTEA is part of the  9th edition of FIX performance art festival

MA Art in Public (students, staff and associates); Susanne Bosch (GER/NI), Astrid Bin (UK), Alice Burns (NI), Seamus Dunbar (ROI), Marie Flaherty (ROI), Suzan Inan (CH), Rob Ireson (ROI/UK), Clara Kane (ROI), Martin Krenn (Austria/NI), Sarah MacKeever (NI), Ciara O’Malley (NI), Dan Shipsides (NI)

Sat 12th November.
10am – 3pm. Public intervention exchange – around the city centre.
4pm – 5pm. March in public from Bouy Park to City Hall (and its webcam).