Powder Printing with Glass

Starting new work for exhibition in Feb 2017. This series will be fused glass screen printed with glass powder. I am also testing reactions that take place in the kiln to change or effect the colour of the glass. For this test I am using 3mm Blue Steel Opal sheet glass and Blue Steel Opal powder to screen print with. The effect should be a matt and slightly shiny steel colour with maybe a few bits of blue showing through. I have tried this combination of glass previously and as you can see the finished pieces are all different.  This is the original photograph taken in 2015 at Bullseye Resource Centre East Bay CA, and the powder printed unfired glass.

The fusing will be fast and low as I want a textured finish and am only firing one layer of 3mm glass. I made 8 passes of powder.

Seg 1 333°C/hr 646°C 10 min
Seg 2 999°C/hr 482°C 1:00 min
Seg 3 55°C/hr 371°C 0
Seg 4 999°C/hr 21°C 0

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