Artist in Residence Wharepuke NZ

In April 2013 I traveled to New Zealand to take part in an artist residency and a 5-day intensive professional development workshop, with Mark Graver, professional artist/printmaker at his studio and gallery, , Kerikeri, New Zealand. Connections Installation at The Ark Park Wharepuke.

This was my first visit to New Zealand I was excited and nervous all at once, as I had not met Mark and Tania I was not sure what to expect.  Both Mark and Tania very quickly put me at ease.  The accommodation at Wharepuke is superb, well kitted out and comfortable, the location is breathtaking. For the first few days I wanted to get a feel of the area to get my bearings and hopefully be inspired to create new work. I had a bit of an idea what I may way to do, but I always like to leave myself open to change.

The residency was a great success, I learned a lot from Mark on acrylic resist etching, and more than printmaking techniques, it was inspiring to learn about Marks’ practice. I was fortunate to meet and network with other artists from New Zealand due to Mark and Tania hospitality during my stay. All I can say is a big thank you to Both Mark and Tania.

During the residency I delivered an artist talk to the students and facility of the Fine Art Degree program of North Tec College on my practice and the printmaking processes I had been exploring during the residency. I also initiated a collaborative installation with the facility and students that has been installed at Wharepuke. I received a great response from the faculty and students of North Tec.

I got so much from this experience and feel so much more confident in my artistic ability as a result of taking part in this residency. I would recommend the residency to anyone, it was a great experience.

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