Alice Burns lives and works in Northern Ireland. She graduated PGDip Art In Public 2012, and BA Hons Fine and Applied Art 1st Class Honours 2010, University of Ulster. Alice has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions nationally and Internationally.

My work explores relationships between people and site. I do this through a multidisciplinary approach, which uses processes, and materials that I feel are appropriate to realise the complex notions of memory, place and ritual.
My art practice in part develops out of participatory narratives, other peoples’ stories combined with a desire to play creatively with the material of the ‘archive’ developing experimental and interactive ways of re-presenting artifact and narrative materials. Connections can be made, entangled and disentangled as the audience engages and re-threads their particular narrative. Via a process of dialogue and interaction the transaction between the story giver and artist is woven into encoded objects that represent the unspoken or the unspeakable.